11,034 Reasons to Consider a Job in Boston, MA

August 12, 2013

Boston Engineering Jobs

As part of a series profiling key cities to target in a national job search, is taking a long look at one of America’s oldest, greatest cities: Boston. With an incredible field of available opportunities and the sixth largest economy in the country, the “Athens of America” is a great place for an engineer to make a name for themselves.

Boston is a Center of Innovation and Engineering

The legacy of Boston’s historical position as an academic and trading center makes it one of America’s top cities for research, technological development, and medical innovation. In 2009, the Australian tech consultancy 2ThinkNow rated Boston first in its list of the seventy-five top cities for innovation, worldwide.

It is also the single largest recipient of National Institute of Health funding – in 2004 alone, Boston received an eye-opening $1.57 billion in NIH grants, funding, and awards. In terms of life science and biomedical research, Boston shares the top spot with Philadelphia and San Francisco, though the city’s famous hospitals and top medical schools push it ahead in biomedical engineering and pharmaceutical research.

With MIT, Cambridge, Harvard, Northeastern University, and Boston University forming a nexus of research and technological exchange, Boston is a natural home to innovative tech companies (VC funding is thick on the ground) and large, thriving corporations.

Noted success stories who either call the Boston area home or maintain significant presence there include:


There are Over 9,000 Engineering Jobs Available

Boston is the hub of a thriving engineering corridor, anchored by some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. On the morning of 12 August 2013, there were 9,125 available engineering jobs in Boston, within just twenty-five miles of the city center. Increasing the search radius to fifty miles boosted the total 11,034 available positions.

With a fifty-mile search radius in place, the top three job categories break down as follows:

These include general engineering positions, such as data analysis, sales, and support, but also includes job listings from employers who failed to clearly categorize their position. Whichever field you’re targeting, don’t neglect the “other” category in your search; you can turn up some hidden gems other candidates miss.

As a recognized center of computing innovation and home of a number of thriving Internet companies (Amazon and Humedica come to mind), Boston is always in need of software engineers with the talent and drive to succeed in a competitive field.

There is a wealth of opportunity in Boston for electrical engineers of all types, from power systems specialists to forensic engineers. Keep in mind as you search that electronics engineering jobs, such as embedded systems and microelectronics positions, are often thrown into the electrical engineering category by hiring managers and recruiters. As with the “Other” category, you should keep an eye out here for unexpected opportunities.


Boston Area is a Great Place to Live

Not only is the Boston area an excellent option for economic and career reasons, it’s also consistently cited as one the the best places to live in the United States, if not the world. In 2012, the Mercer survey rated Boston’s overall quality of life third in the United States, behind only Honolulu and San Francisco. Globally, the same survey named Boston the thirty-fifth best city to live in; NYC, by comparison, is number forty-four. (Yeah, I said it. Go Sox.)

Boston’s public spaces and transportation networks are among the best in the nation. The Boston park system thrives year-round, with a constant flow of concerts, public markets, presentations, and parties.

If you need more convincing, you don’t need to look very far. In addition to groundbreaking innovation, world-class academics, and a thriving economy, Boston has a powerful and lasting effect on the people who call it home. Check out some of the following representative listings of what makes Boston one of the best places to live in the United States:

It’s really that nice. And with a robust economy, thriving tech sector and 11,034 engineering jobs to choose from, you’ll come up with plenty more reasons to love Boston on your own.