Dear Huddie

Dear Huddie: What Do Engineers Do, and Working with Recruiters

October 25, 2013

Back for installment 21 of Dear Huddie – a bi-weekly column to assist engineer job hunters in their pursuit of happiness. Looking to help the young engineers out there!

That’s funny from the internet … not all engineers use their talents for good things!


Dear Huddie,

Long-time reader, first time submitting a question – actually two questions:

1. I will be graduating from high school in June 2014 and I am starting to look at colleges. One issue: not sure what career I am interested in. Can you help?

2. What do engineers do, seriously?

Signed, 18 is getting close!


Welcome to the younger readers! I am a believer in keeping career options open as long as you can at a young age. How many of us thought we knew what we wanted to do at 16 to 18 years of age, only to go on and waste a year or two in college – wasting not only time, but money, whether it was student loans, scholarships, or worse yet your parents’ hard-earned money. While in high school take the time and use the available resources to find a career path that may be well suited for you. There are tests you can take, people you can talk to, and even a group conversation with friends can help. Try to keep some things out of the equation, like what your friends are doing, or what your high school sweetheart wants you to do – some of these people may disappear after high school is over.

To answer your second question, engineers do just about anything. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering – so people would call me an over-educated plumber. Myself, I would say an overpaid plumber, but I believe that’s an oxymoron! Some go into sales, some are plant engineers, some go on to be lawyers (like patent lawyers) – there are many jobs out there for engineers.


Shout out time: We received the comment below from Megan. Believe in recruiters! That is how I landed my first job in my current industry – my second (and final) position came from word of mouth, so Megan’s point below is well taken!

Glad to see someone spreading the benefits of working for a recruiter! It is especially beneficial for engineers since they might not have the time to devote to a job search or may be looking to target a specific industry or niche.

Network, network, network, and reach out to recruiters who specialize in what you’re looking for. They’ll be able to keep an eye out for opportunities that fit your background and requirements.

Engineers are very much in demand right now and receiving great offers from good, hot-to-hire companies – especially in the automation industry, the niche I work. So yes – take Huddie’s advice, reach out, make connections, and get in touch with some recruiters.

Best of luck with your job hunt!
– Megan Carty, Automationtechies


Thank you again for listening, that’s it for now. Next installment is in two weeks – don’t forget to send your Dear Huddie questions to