Dear Huddie

Dear Huddie: Practice, Practice, Practice

April 26, 2013

Back for installment eight of Dear Huddie – a biweekly column to assist engineer job hunters in their pursuit of happiness.

As the snow starts to melt (in some places) we move away from March Madness into Baseball season. One key to remember when job hunting – there is no “3 strikes and you are out!” in the job hunt – make every swing count!

Bringing some humor to our column, saw this online – I can relate!

Engineer Good at Math

Dear Huddie –

I don’t have a job question, but was wondering if you could help me with a different problem. How do I hit a jump shot more efficiently at the age of 40?

Signed – Trying to slow down Father Time!

Great question, and this can be applied to anyone who is getting old … WHICH MEANS ALL OF US! I once heard a host on a sports talk show indicate the only defender that could stop Michael Jordan was Father Time. Ah, yes, Father Time will catch up with all of us! To answer the jump shot question – PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

How can I relate the topic of age and engineer job hunters? Very simply! While the economy is back on an upswing now, back three to four years ago many jobs were lost, the housing market tanked, and the unemployment rate skyrocketed. I have to believe that there are still well-qualified engineers who lost their jobs during that span, and some of which are … hmm … let’s say closer to 55 years old then they are to 25! With that being said, how does someone who had been in the same job for some time, then lost that job, get back into the job hunting mode? Better yet, how do they hit that jump shot, aka land a job?


So if you find yourself with many years’ experience, yet currently unemployed, sharpen those job hunting skills (sell yourself, be confident) and practice. Have friends, family, or dare I say a spouse, help with practice questions that might come up in a real-time interview!

That’s it for now. Next installment in two weeks. Don’t forget to send your Dear Huddie questions to