Dear Huddie

Dear Huddie: The March Madness Edition

March 30, 2013

Back for installment six of Dear Huddie – a bi-weekly column to assist engineer job hunters in their pursuit of happiness. March Madness started this Thursday – do you have the ‘Madness within?’

I received an email from one follower – but it was simply a list of engineering jokes (Understanding Engineers) – I figure it would not hurt to share a one or two over the next few weeks:

Understanding Engineers #2

To the optimist, the glass is half-full. To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Dear Huddie –
Can you correlate this March Madness Hoops thingie into your article?


Well Huddie can certainly do that for you – and yes I did just refer to myself in the 3rd person! I was fortunate enough to attend the #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) win over #2 seed Georgetown on Friday night – a rare feet indeed, only seven times since the field grew to 64 has a #15 beat a #2 – let’s go to the chalk board for this one – 30 years with a 64 team tournament – four #15 vs. #2 games each year – basically seven times out of a 120 sample set – 5.83%.

What did I see while at the game? The first thing to take note of was both teams had a RESUME to be in the field – they made it to the interview. Sure, Georgetown was the well-known school, and on paper Georgetown gets the job – but oh, wait, they have to play the game, or let’s say conduct the interview. I immediately noticed just before the start of the game, and even during warm-ups, FGCU was pumped up, while Georgetown seemed to be going through the motions. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Of course as I watched FGSU getting fired up for the game I thought, “Good for them, but no way they beat Georgetown.” As the game starts that FGSU enthusiasm carried over, they were making SMARTER plays, playing with ENTHUSIASM, and going into halftime they led 24-22. Of course, this would mean Georgetown would certainly come out and impress this interviewer with some passion, hearth and enthusiasm of their own? One would have thought – but FGSU continued to impress, answering every call and eventually coming out with a 10-point win – they blew this interview out of the water!

How can we relate this to landing the ultimate job? While the resume seems to be a huge step in getting a job, it is quite frankly just the first step, a way to get into the door/interview. No, FGSU did not have the better resume going into the game – but it was good enough to get them in the interview. Once in the game (interview) started they showed who they are – smart, coachable, enthusiastic, full of energy – so going into your next interview, don’t pull a Georgetown and sleep walk through it – SELL YOURSELF!

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