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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Canada (October 2013)

November 6, 2013

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This series follows the growth of engineering jobs throughout North America and across the major disciplines to find out where engineers are being hired, and for what. Last week we took a look at the US; this week it’s Canada’s turn.

In this report, we will be addressing three main questions:

  • Which city and engineering discipline combinations are hiring the most engineers?
  • What city is hiring the most _______ engineers?
  • Which provinces are hiring the most engineers (overall) per capita?

As a side note, this report excludes software engineers, who would otherwise dominate every area in question, making this a rather boring report. To include you guys, here is the breakdown of where software engineers are being hired in Canada:

#1 Software engineers in Toronto: 3,312 open jobs
#2 Vancouver: 1,211 open jobs
#3 Montreal: 1,047 open jobs
#4 Ottawa: 678 open jobs
#5 Gatineau: 648 open jobs

As for the rest of the engineering disciplines, the numbers are as follows:

What City & Engineering Discipline Combinations are Hiring the Most Engineers?

#1 Electrical Engineers in Toronto

As Canada’s financial capital and home to the IT and telecom industries that support it, Toronto, ON has a built-in need for electrical engineers who can support its electronic trade and information dissemination channels. Besides that, it is Canada’s largest city and the fifth-largest in North America, meaning electricity for homes is more than enough demand. There are currently about 282 open electrical engineering jobs in Toronto.

Electrical engineering jobs in Toronto, ON

#2 Mechanical Engineers in Toronto

Where you find large urban centers, you find moving parts. Toronto, Ontario’s nearby manufacturing industries produce cars, machines and metal, and the city draws on mechanical engineers to keep its industries moving. Mechanical engineers in Toronto will find around 252 open jobs.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Toronto, ON

#3 Electrical Engineers in Vancouver

As a mining city and one of Canada’s largest industrial centers, Vancouver, BC already had a draw for electrical engineers with expertise in machinery. More recently the city has seen growth in software, including serving as office locations for tech titans such as IBM, SAP and Intel. Around 176 open electrical engineering jobs in Vancouver are a part of it.

Electrical engineering jobs in Vancouver, BC

#4 Mechanical Engineers in Vancouver

Despite recent forays into high technology and software, Vancouver’s prime value as a mining and foresting city shouldn’t be underestimated. These industries, along with aeronautics, space robotics and the maritime industry, explain the 124 mechanical engineering jobs available in Vancouver.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Vancouver, BC

#5 Civil Engineers in Vancouver

With one of Canada’s most beautiful skylines, as well as its most dense population, Vancouver will continue to see a need for civil engineers with ideas for letting its over 603,000 residents live together comfortably. Frequently rated as one of the world’s most livable cities (http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2009/06/liveable_vancouver), its 115 open civil engineering jobs are more than explained.

Civil engineering jobs in Vancouver, BC

#6 Mechanical Engineers in Hamilton

The steel capital of Canada, Hamilton, Ontario is responsible for around a third of Canada’s steel production. This industry and the wheels behind it create an ongoing need for the mechanically inclined, hence around 30 open jobs for mechanical engineers in Hamilton.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Hamilton, ON

#7 Electrical Engineers in Hamilton

Along with the draw on mechanical engineers for Hamilton, Ontario’s steel production and manufacturing, electrical engineers are needed to support machinery, maintain vehicles and keep the lights on in this production-oriented metropolis. Around 25 electrical engineering jobs are currently open in Hamilton for those who have the, uh, mettle.

Electrical engineering jobs in Hamilton, ON

#8 Civil Engineers in Hamilton

Besides being a manufacturing city, Hamilton, Ontario is also a thriving metropolis and Ontario’s third largest urban center. A port city and home to thriving arts and culture scenes, a sophisticated urban infrastructure will be a growing need. Around 25 civil engineering jobs are currently available in the Hamilton area.

Civil engineering jobs in Hamilton, ON

#9 Electrical Engineers in Oshawa

295 With the nation’s automotive industry, including the Canadian division of General Motors, stationed in Oshawa, Ontario, the need for electrical engineers is ongoing. With both machinery and cars in need of experienced, educated hands, electrical engineers in Oshawa will find around 25 available jobs.

Electrical engineering jobs in Oshawa, ON

#10 Computer Engineers in Oshawa

The appearance of computer engineers in Oshawa, Ontario may owe itself to the growing level of sophistication of today’s cars. Having long been Canada’s car-producing capital, Oshawa now sees a need for tech-savvy engineers who can work with GPS systems, on-board computers, self-diagnostic systems and the increasingly automated systems that produce them. About 10 computer engineering jobs are currently open in Oshawa.

Computer engineering jobs in Oshawa, ON

What City is Hiring the Most…

Aerospace Engineers

Montreal, QC (40)

Agricultural Engineers

Winnipeg, MB  (2)

Architectural Engineers

Toronto, ON (35)

Biomedical Engineers

Toronto, ON (10)

Chemical Engineers

Vancouver, BC (25)

Civil Engineers

Vancouver, BC (115)

Computer Engineers

Toronto, ON (265)

Construction Engineers

Vancouver, BC (32)

Electrical Engineers

Toronto, ON (281)

Electronics Engineers

Toronto, ON (59)

Environmental Engineers

Calgary, AB (34)

Geotechnical Engineers

Vancouver, BC (32)

Industrial Engineers

Toronto, ON (74)

Manufacturing Engineers

Toronto, ON (36)

Marine Engineers

Vancouver, BC (17)

Materials Engineers

Calgary, AB (25)

Mechanical Engineers

Toronto, ON (252)

Metallurgical Engineers

Toronto, ON (8)

Mining Engineers

Vancouver, BC (25)

Network Engineers

Toronto, ON (64)

Nuclear Engineers

Toronto, ON (5)

Packaging Engineers

Toronto, ON (6)

Petroleum Engineers

Calgary, AB (51)

Process Engineers

Toronto, ON (66)

Project Engineers

Calgary, AB (192)

Quality Engineers

Toronto, ON (56)

Safety Engineers

Calgary, AB (25)

Sales Engineers

Toronto, ON (111)

Solar Engineers

Barrie, ON (1)

Structural Engineers

Calgary, AB (76)

Systems Engineers

Toronto, ON (174)

Per Capita, what Province has the Most Engineering Jobs Available?

Ontario – 7,859 open engineering jobs (0.088% per capita)
British Columbia – 2,865 open engineering jobs (0.083% per capita)
Alberta – 3,437 open engineering jobs (0.064% per capita)
Newfoundland and Labrador – 250 open engineering jobs (0.035% per capita)
Saskatchewan – 476 open engineering jobs (0.029% per capita)
Manitoba – 381 open engineering jobs (0.019% per capita)
Quebec – 1,750 open engineering jobs (0.017% per capita)
Nova Scotia – 281 open engineering jobs (0.015% per capita)
New Brunswick – 138 open engineering jobs (0.006% per capita)

Population data used to determine per capita ratio gathered from Statistics Canada (2012 data)