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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: October 2013 USA

October 30, 2013

For the latest analysis of where the engineering jobs are in your region, head over the main category page for Where the Engineering Jobs Are.

In this series we look at what cities, states and disciplines of engineering are hiring the most employees. Like the previous entry, this one focuses on the US (though Canada’s will be coming up soon). Software engineering jobs are excluded here, since they are experiencing wild volume these days and will be given their own post.

(If you’re interested in more recent data, check out the February 2015 Engineering Jobs Report.)

In this report, we will be addressing these four questions:

  • Which city and engineering discipline combinations are currently hiring the most engineers?
  • What city is hiring the most _______ engineers?
  • What 10 states are hiring the most engineers?
  • Which States are hiring the fewest engineers?

What City & Engineering Discipline Combinations are Hiring the Most Engineers? (October 2013)

#1 Systems Engineers in Washington, DC

If there is any indication that things need organizing in the nation’s capital, it’s the heavy demand for systems engineers who can take the eagle’s-eye view over long and complex processes, such as agreeing on a budget. If you live in the DC area, there are about 3,286 systems engineering jobs within 25 miles of you, on average, with the most concentration in Bethesda, MD.

Systems Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC

#2 Electrical Engineers in Silicon Valley

If you are almost any type of engineer living in the region around San Jose, Sunnyvale and Mountain View, you likely have a great job waiting for you – but if you’re in electrical engineering, you have around 2,722 jobs waiting for you, on average. Fremont has the greatest demand, though Menlo Park and Palo Alto are not far behind.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Silicon Valley

#3 Electrical Engineers in Washington, DC

Whether it’s all the automobiles or the long evening hours Congress is pulling, Washington’s electrical systems are in need of design and maintenance, with an average of 1,159 open electrical engineering jobs available. Bethesda is once again showing the greatest concentration of positions, though Rockville is a close second.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC

#4 Electrical Engineers in Detroit

All-electric vehicles are seeing greater demand than ever, and the auto manufacturers of Motor City are responding with calls for electrical expertise. If you live in the Detroit area, there are around 1,093 electrical engineering jobs available nearby, on average. Livonia and Southfield are the most promising areas.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Detroit

#5 Mechanical Engineers in Houston

The commercial airline hub and aerospace center of Houston, TX continues its high demand for the mechanically inclined, with an average of 1,023 open mechanical engineering jobs within its urban center. Houston Proper and Pasadena stand out as promising places to live.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Houston

#6 Mechanical Engineers in Detroit

Along with its demand for electrical engineers, the auto hub of Detroit and its nearby communities continues its need for well-trained, experienced mechanical engineers, with 983 positions available on average. Livonia and Southfield once again exhibit the greatest promise, though opportunity is evenly spread throughout the metropolitan center.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Detroit

#7 Systems Engineers in Baltimore

Its proximity to Washington may be an influence, though with an average of 966 systems engineering jobs open in Baltimore, the city’s own reputation for science and engineering can’t be ignored. Also contributing is Johns Hopkins, the nation’s top-ranked university for science and engineering research development. Columbia and Towson have the heaviest concentrations.

Systems Engineering Jobs in Baltimore

#8 Network Engineers in Washington, DC

Information security is a primary concern of the Federal Government as of late, and this is reflected in the 938 network engineering jobs available in the Washington, DC area, on average. Once again, Bethesda and Rockville show the highest concentration of open jobs.

Network Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC

#9 Computer Engineers in Silicon Valley

You might have predicted this combination would be on the list, though its outranking by electrical engineering is a little surprising. This hotbed of technology startups has an average of 901 open computer engineering positions, with Fremont leading the way again.

Computer Engineering Jobs in Silicon Valley

#10 Computer Engineers in Washington, DC

The nation’s capital may currently be the most promising location to be an engineer, with computer engineering being the final of four spots on this list. There are currently 749 computer engineering jobs on average available in the Washington, DC area, with – you guessed it – Bethesda and Rockville leading the way.

Computer Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC

What City is Hiring the Most…

Aerospace Engineers

Farmington, CT (79)
Hartford, CT (79)
New Britain, CT (79)

Agricultural Engineers

Brooklyn Park, MN (6)
Coon Rapids, MN (6)
Omaha, NE (6)

Architectural Engineers

Woodbridge, NJ (66)

Biomedical Engineers

Cambridge, MA (90)

Chemical Engineers

Houston, TX (679)

Civil Engineers

Bethesda, MD (368)

Computer Engineers

Fremont, CA (965)

Construction Engineers

College Park, MD (72)

Electrical Engineers

Fremont, CA (2,840)

Electronics Engineers

Fremont, CA (151)

Environmental Engineers

Bethesda, MD (125)

Geotechnical Engineers

Newark, NJ (47)

Industrial Engineers

Livonia, MI (199)

Manufacturing Engineers

Livonia, MI (339)

Marine Engineers

Houston, TX (48)

Materials Engineers

Livonia, MI (98)

Mechanical Engineers

Livonia, MI (1,093)

Metallurgical Engineers

Livonia, MI (31)

Mining Engineers

Chandler, AZ (17)

Network Engineers

Bethesda, MD (1,070)

Nuclear Engineers

Annandale, VA (16)

Packaging Engineers

Newark, NJ (37)

Petroleum Engineers

Houston, TX (262)

Process Engineers

Houston, TX (413)

Project Engineers

Houston, TX (522)

Quality Engineers

Fremont, CA (512)

Safety Engineers

Pasadena, TX (75)

Sales Engineers

Fremont, CA (378)

Solar Engineers

Bay Area (5)

Structural Engineers

Houston, TX (143)

Systems Engineers

Bethesda, MD (3771)

Top 10 States Hiring the Most Engineers – October 2013 (All Disciplines)

California (43,268)
Texas (20,436)
New York (16,550)
Virginia (11,133)
Massachusetts (10,769)
Pennsylvania (8,411)
Michigan (8,244)
Florida (7,960)
Maryland (7,782)
New Jersey (7,711)

5 States with the Fewest Engineering Jobs – October 2013 (All Disciplines)

Wyoming (159)
Montana (200)
West Virginia (396)
North Dakota (426)
Maine (458)