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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Software Engineers (November 2013)

November 14, 2013

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Our previous two installments of Where the Engineering Jobs Are focused on overall engineering jobs in the US and in Canada, showing which cities are hiring which engineering specialties. Since software engineering is by far the most in-demand field of engineering, we decided it deserves its own installment of Where the Engineering Jobs Are.

In this installment we will aim to answer the following questions:

  • What US cities are hiring the most software engineers?
  • What Canadian cities are hiring the most software engineers?
  • Which states and provinces are hiring the fewest software engineers?
  • What is the demand for each programming language?

What US Cities are Hiring the Most Software Engineers?

#1 New York City, NY / Newark, NJ

When one thinks programming these days, one thinks of Apple, Google, Facebook, and all of the California-based tech companies in the news. But surprisingly, the roughly 25-mile radius surrounding Newark, New Jersey contains 928,537 software engineering jobs, over twice as many as the next runner-up. This could be population density speaking, but with the growing integration of software apps, web programming and digital security in everyday business, it may be the simple volume of business. .NET, C# and C++ developers are in high demand here.

Software Engineering Jobs in New York and New Jersey

#2 Washington, DC

The recent woes of the nation’s capital with web development expertise, as well as a growing focus on online security, makes software engineers a staple in government offices with 402,174 software engineering jobs available in the DC area. Programmers with .NET, C# and C++ experience receive the warmest welcome, with Java developers not far behind.

Software Engineering Jobs in Washington, DC

#3 Silicon Valley, CA

Silicon Valley’s rank of third on this list may be stronger evidence that the dot-com era is reaching maturity than even recent IPOs offer. However with 283,128 open software engineering positions, this den of programming productivity is not showing signs of age yet. A variety of language experience is needed here, including C#, C++, .NET, Java, JavaScript and C.

Software Engineering Jobs in Silicon Valley

#4 Boston, MA

As a hub of biotech and science research and education, Boston and the surrounding area offer around 174,876 open software engineering positions. Besides C++, .NET, C# and Java, programmers with C and PHP knowledge should find opportunities.

Software Engineering Jobs in Boston

#5 San Francisco, CA

The California Bay Area technology sphere is rife with startups, and 125,801 open jobs await software engineers in the area. A huge variety of languages are used here, including C, Python, PHP and Perl.

Software Engineering Jobs in the Bay Area

#6 Los Angeles, CA

It may be cliché to point out that movies and entertainment studios are making much more use of programming skills of late, with 3-D formatting, animation and digital post-production becoming the standard. However publishers, startups, and other California dot-com-ish ventures draw on software engineers as well, with around 121,706 open jobs in the area. The greatest demand is for .NET, C# and C++.

Software Engineering Jobs in Los Angeles

#7 Seattle, WA

Amazon, headquartered in Seattle, continues to have a pull on software people, and the local manufacturing and aerospace industries demonstrate need for the code-savvy. Around 92,820 software engineering positions are open in the Seattle area, with demand for .NET, C++ and Java programmers.

Software Engineering Jobs in Seattle

#8 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Dallas is home to 12 fortune-500 companies in banking, aerospace, energy and other fields where new-economy practices have redefined the typical employee skill set. Around 86,257 software engineering jobs are available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, mostly in C++, C# and .NET.

Software Engineering Jobs in Dallas

#9 Chicago, IL

Chicago’s considerable financial industry, as well as its aerospace industry and its healthy retail industry, spell demand for well-trained software engineers. Around 80,044 jobs exist for programmers of C++, C#, .NET, Java and JavaScript.

Software Engineering Jobs in Chicago

#10 Atlanta, GA

It may be the close proximity of Georgia Tech and its programming graduates, but Atlanta is a hotbed of corporate activity. Software engineers can expect to find around 73,504 open jobs in the area, with C#, .NET and Java developers having the easiest time.

Software Engineering Jobs in Atlanta

What Canadian Cities are Hiring the Most Software Engineers?

#1 Toronto, ON (13,006)

#2 Vancouver, BC (7,092)

#3 Oshawa, ON (5,237)

#4 Montreal, QC (1,892)

#5 Gatineau, QC (1,057)

#6 Kitchener, ON (886)

#7 Calgary, AB (735)

#8 Brantford, ON (462)

#9 Waterloo, ON (370)

#10 Ottawa, ON (42)

Which US States are Hiring the Fewest Software Engineers?

Wyoming (126)
Montana (209)
South Dakota (214)
Alaska (246)
North Dakota (315)

Which Canadian Provinces are Hiring the Fewest Software Engineers?

New Brunswick (35)
Newfoundland and Labrador (38)
Saskatchewan (92)
Manitoba (137)
Nova Scotia (211)

What is the Demand for Each Programming Language?

.NET (850,475)
C# (850,129)
C++ (849,038)
Java (275,058)
JavaScript (227,329)
C (113,872)
PHP (78,727)
Perl (56,500)
Python (26,523)
Objective-C (22,480)
Assembly (8,153)
COBOL (7,662)
ActionScript (6,111)
ColdFusion (5,903)
Ada (2,662)
Delphi (2,020)
Erlang (1,629)
Fortran (1,215)
Ruby (1,054)
Lisp (970)
Visual Basic (329)
Scala (146)
Tcl (57)
Smalltalk (7)