Dear Huddie

Introducing “Dear Huddie”

January 18, 2013

Hello there sports fans!  Well, actually engineering job seekers, this is the first ever release of “Dear Huddie.”

Let’s start simple, or better yet let’s make the start complicated … much like the old joke “typical engineer, ask them what time it is and they tell you how the watch works!”  So let’s start Dear Huddie with an engineering approach, and how do we solve problems? That’s correct, take the integral of an equation that normal humans could not comprehend … or we could go “who, what, where, why and when!”

Who is Huddie?

Huddie is a nickname my friends came up with years ago and it has stuck – through college (all 13 years it took to get my B.S. in Chemical Engineering – more on that another time) and onto Huddie Stables LLC, a horse racing partnership I started recently – so after 20 years I guess it’s staying.

What is Dear Huddie?

Dear Huddie is a column that will appear every other Friday for your entertainment and advice. Some will be fictional questions to protect the satisfied, some will be actual questions received from Engineers looking for any advice – please send questions to


I guess that would be the old “undefined” variable, but I can be reached via email.

Why Dear Huddie?

Quite frankly because Oprah was busy!


Anytime, I am here for you fellow engineers, through rain or snow, I will be here, through your first job out of college via to your retirement party, I will be here!

Now that the ground rules have been established, let’s start with a few “Dear Huddies” that I know are on the way.


Dear Huddie – Why would I take advice from a guy who took 13 years to get a 4 year degree? 

Signed – Common Sense in NJ

Well Common Sense – only answer I can come up with is alcohol and bad judgment! In reality life experiences wins out whenever giving out advice, being able to relate. Perseverance will win out every time – whether trying to get that degree or looking for that dream job, perseverance wins.


Dear Huddie – My spouse is an engineer and I try to cope with them being good at everything. I offer them advice on how to hook up a new circuit breaker or how to get the grill perfectly positioned, but my advice goes out the window! Just because they have an engineering degree, does not make them smarter than me!

Signed – Spousey in MA

Dear Spousey – Um, well, it kinda does make them smarter than you!  Practice the phrase “I trust you honey,” or “yes dear,” otherwise you will be hearing the phrase “I told you so!”


That’s it for now, next installment in two weeks – don’t forget to send your Dear Huddie to