New Feature: Filter Engineer Jobs by Experience Level

February 20, 2013

Now when you search jobs by discipline, you can filter internships and entry-level positions exclusively, as well as by location and date posted.


How to Find Engineer Internships and Entry-Level Engineering Positions

Step 1: On the main page ( under the “Discipline” tab, select your area of engineering expertise or study.

Search Engineering Jobs by Discipline


Step 2: After clicking on your area of expertise, you’ll notice several filtering options in the left-hand sidebar of the search results page. At the bottom of this list note the “Experience Level” box. (By default, “All Jobs” will be selected.)

Search Engineer Jobs by Experience Level


Step 3: Choose, as appropriate, Engineering Internships or Entry-Level Engineering positions.

You will see results similar to this (example is taken from Aerospace Engineering):

Aerospace Engineering Internships

Aerospace Engineering Internships


Entry-Level Aerospace Engineering Jobs

Entry-Level Aerospace Engineering Jobs


Step 4 (Optional): You can additionally filter your engineering internship or entry-level engineering positions by either Location or Date Posted in the left-hand sidebar.


Questions on how to use this feature? Comments?

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