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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: May 2013 USA

May 21, 2013

For the latest analysis of where the engineering jobs are in your region, head over the main category page for Where the Engineering Jobs Are.

In this post we take a snapshot of the available jobs to isolate Where the Engineering Jobs Are in the United States today. (Canada, we haven’t forgotten about you. Your post is next week).

(If you’re interested in more recent data, check out the February 2015 Engineering Jobs Report.)

It is also important to note this list is exclusive of computer and software-related engineering jobs. Those jobs will get their own post and rankings system separately (because software engineers, in particular, are in off-the-chart demand).

With our snapshot of US-based engineering job data, we’ll be answering the following questions: 

  1. Which City and Engineering Discipline Combinations are hiring the most engineers?
  2. What city is hiring the most _______ Engineers?
  3. 10 States Hiring the Most Engineers.
  4. Which States have the Fewest Jobs for Engineers (overall)?


What City & Engineering Discipline combinations are Hiring the Most Engineers? (May 2013)

#1 Electrical Engineers in Silicon Valley

The density of demand for electrical engineers in Silicon Valley is overwhelming – 200% greater than the next-runner-up. If you live in Silicon Valley, there are about 2,575 Electrical Engineering jobs available within 25 miles of you, on average, with the greatest concentration in Fremont, CA.

#2 Electrical Engineers in Washington, DC

Second only to Silicon Valley, an army of electrical engineers is needed to keep our government running in DC.  Within 25 miles of Washington, DC there are about 1,258 Electrical Engineering jobs available, on average. The greatest single concentration of demand is Bethesda, MD with 1,355.

#3 Mechanical Engineers in Houston, TX

For many disciplines, Houston may be the single best city to launch your engineering career in the United States right now. There are 1,004 open Mechanical Engineering jobs within 25 miles of Houston; thanks in no small part to it being an oil town, shipping hub, and space city.

#4 Electrical Engineers in Livonia, MI

One of the pleasant surprises while conducting this research is how strong the demand is for engineers near the hub of the American auto industry. Coming in at #4, with 965 electrical engineering jobs available, on average, within 25 miles, is Livonia, MI. Major employers there include Ford, General Motors and TRW Automotive.

#5 Mechanical Engineers in Livonia, MI

Electrical engineers just squeaked by for the #4 position, but mechanical engineers are in great demand near Detroit as well. There are an average of 957 open mechanical engineering jobs within a 25-mile radius.

#6 Electrical Engineers in Lowell, MA

While you may not be surprised to learn that electrical engineers are in demand near one of America’s major cities, you may be surprised to know that the greatest density of demand isn’t in the city (Boston) itself. To the north of Boston, the area around Lowell and Lawrence boast an average of 911 open electrical engineering positions.

#7 Electrical Engineers in San Diego, CA

San Diego and neighboring National City boast an average of 853 available electrical engineering jobs within a 25-mile radius.

#8 Electrical Engineers in Anaheim & Whittier, CA

Anaheim probably wasn’t your first guess to make this list. (It certainly wasn’t ours.) But they average 817 available electrical engineering jobs within 25 miles. Some of the largest employers in the area include Boeing (in Huntington Beach), Extron Electronics (the largest manufacturer of professional AV (audiovisual) equipment) and Johnson Controls.

#9 Electrical Engineers in the Greater NYC Area

Within the suburban NYC area there are 740 available electrical engineering jobs. The largest single concentration is in Woodbridge, NJ with 781 jobs available within a 25-mile radius.

#10 Electrical Engineers in Houston, TX

Rounding out the top ten is another appearance by Houston. There were 684 available electrical engineering positions in Houston when our data snapshot was taken in May of 2013.


What City is Hiring the Most…

Here’s a breakdown of the major engineering disciplines we aggregate and the (sometimes surprising) cities that are currently posting more vacancies for this discipline than any other.

Aerospace Engineers

Falls Church, VA (59)

Agricultural Engineers

Architectural Engineers

Bethesda, MD (71 )

Biomedical Engineers

Cambridge, MA (83)

Chemical Engineers

Houston, TX (629)

Civil Engineers

Bethesda, MD (370)

Construction Engineers

Whittier, CA (48)

Electrical Engineers

Fremont, CA (2648)

Electronics Engineers

Fremont, CA (162)

Environmental Engineers

Bowie, MD (96)

Geotechnical Engineers

Oakland, CA (43)

Industrial Engineers

Livonia, MI (169)

Manufacturing Engineers

Livonia, MI (277)

Marine Engineers

Houston, TX (69)

Materials Engineers

Livonia, MI (101)

Mechanical Engineers

Houston, TX (1025)

Metallurgical Engineers

Pontiac, MI (34)

Mining Engineers

Phoenix, AZ (21)

Nuclear Engineers

Charlotte, NC (23)

Packaging Engineers

Parsippany, NJ (54)

Petroleum Engineers

Houston, TX (295)

Process Engineers

Houston, TX (461)

Project Engineers

Houston, TX (590)

Quality Engineers

Fremont, CA (459)

Sales Engineers

Fremont, CA (391)

Safety Engineers

Houston, TX (70)

Solar Engineers

Vallejo, CA (4)

Structural Engineers

Houston, TX (164)


Top 10 States Hiring the Most Engineers – May 2013 (All Disciplines)

  1. California (44,895)
  2. Texas (21,681)
  3. New York (17,291)
  4. Virginia (11,587)
  5. Illinois (11,466)
  6. Massachusetts (11,307)
  7. Michigan (8,410)
  8. New Jersey (8,292)
  9. Pennsylvania (8,289)
  10. Georgia (8,182)


5 States with the Fewest Engineering Jobs – May 2013 (All Disciplines)


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