10 Best Android Productivity Apps for Engineers

March 26, 2014

Earlier this month, we listed our pick of iOS apps for engineers. We didn’t forget about you Android users though – several of us have gone down the Google route instead of Apple. So here’s our selection of engineering apps for Android.

Basic Productivity Apps for Engineers

Start by loading up your phone or tablet with a few essentials:

DropboxAndroid Apps for Engineers

  • 2Gb free, then $10/month for each additional 100Gb (storage costs, app is free)

  • Developed by Dropbox, Inc

  • As we said last month, you have plenty of options when it comes to cloud storage. We picked Dropbox again for three reasons. First, because it’s so popular, it’s the easiest choice for sharing documents with clients or co-workers. Second, it’s the best integrated with other mobile apps. And third, they’re about to introduce a handy new single sign-on feature that enables you to store your business documents and personal documents separately using different accounts, but not have to keep signing out and back in every time you want to switch.

Android Apps for EngineersKingsoft Office

  • Free

  • Developed by Kingsoft

  • This is one of the most useful mobile office suites around, and it’s completely free. It can handle multiple formats of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and even PDFs. It integrates well with both Dropbox and mail, making it a snap to share documents or retrieve whatever you need from the cloud. It doesn’t offer quite as many features as some of its competitors, but most of the time you won’t miss them. It’s lightweight, fast, and easy to use, and will almost certainly meet your daily needs.

Android Apps for EngineersRealCalc Plus

  • $3.49

  • Developed by Quartic Software

  • Yes, there are plenty of free calculators out there, but we like this one because it does so much. The customization features allow you to store regularly used constants or conversions, which is handy for projects where you’re doing a lot of repetitive tasks. If you really want to save yourself a few bucks, there’s a free version, but it has ads.

Android Apps for EngineersXero

  • Free trial, then $9/month upwards, depending on plan

  • Developed by Xero, Inc

  • We recommended tracking expenses with Xero for iOS platforms, but cross-compatibility earns it a spot on this list, as well. It works well – and your organization allows engineers to choose their own devices – it makes sense for everyone to use the same app.

Tools and Reference Apps for Engineers

Now that you’ve got the basics set up, it’s time to start adding apps designed specifically for engineers. Typically, you’ll want a unit converter, a reference library, and something to calculate the formulae which you use most often.

Android Apps for EngineersEngineering Unit Converter

  • Free

  • Developed by thermofluids.net

  • Most of the free converters are either not very comprehensive, poorly designed, or filled with annoying ads. This one offers plenty of functionality, is easy to use, and has no ads. Something we liked is that you can enter a formula instead of a number: if you’re trying to convert the size of a room in square feet to square meters, you can enter 43×76 instead of doing the calculation first.

Android Apps for EngineersMechanical Engineering Toolbox

  • Free

  • Developed by Selcuk Hosuglu

  • It’s only a first version of this app, but already it’s showing real promise. It covers a range of useful subjects including hardness conversion, beam load calculations, material properties torque-power conversion, and ISO tolerances. More is promised in the next release, and it’s shaping up to be an essential reference.

Android Apps for EngineersEngineering Handbook Lite

  • Free

  • Developed by Twenty Technologies

  • This is a useful reference book for engineers who are just starting out, particularly those working with metals. It’s filled with formulae for working with different materials, and reminders of necessary concepts. The only drawback is that the national standards it refers to are all Indian standards rather than American, but most of it is still useful. For $1, you can upgrade to the Pro version, which has much more detail.

Android Apps for EngineersEngineering Cookbook

  • Free

  • Developed by Loren Cook

  • No, it’s not a guide to microwaving pizza. Loren Cook are manufacturers of ventilation and exhaust systems. This app provides information on heating and cooling loads, sound, and vibration. It’s simple to use and is perfect for anyone working in HVAC.

Android Apps for EngineersClinometer and Bubble Level

  • $0.99

  • Developed by plaincode

  • There are plenty of free level tools out there. We picked this one because it’s slick and nicely designed, and because we loved the optional extra camera tool.

Android Apps for Engineers Miller Weld Setting Calculator

  • Free

  • Developed by Miller Electrical

  • We’ll close out this list with a shout out to EJ reader Jamison Woodley, who recommended this app via our Facebook page. If you have welding to do, then this will help you make sure your machine is properly set up.

You’re All Set!

There are many more apps for engineers out there, covering every discipline and specialization. Perhaps the days of having to carry a laptop when you’re out of the office are numbered. What do you think?


If you’ve got suggestions for other mobile apps which you find useful, let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Featured Image Credit:  Scott Akerman