10 Geektastic Valentines for Engineers

February 14, 2014

The heart is a pump – and engineers know just how to prime it. Say “I love you” with smarts and style through these clever Valentines for engineers.

Our Ten Favorite Valentines for Engineers

Scouring the Web for last-minute Valentines to print out for our favorite engineers, we settled on these ten perfect examples of the form. Smart, but not too clever, geeky, but not type-casting… They struck the perfect balance between sentiment and stimulation.

Here’s our hand-picked top ten:

All My Base Are Belong to You

Valentines for Engineers

This one has it all – hexadecimal HTML color codes and a classic meme reference. (No need to hit KnowYourMeme if you’re not picking up the reference. There’s enough meme material floating around out there without deliberately infecting yourself.)

It’s Not Dirty If It’s Math

Valentines for Engineers

Mathematics remains the purest of intellectual pursuits and that’s just a shame.

Love is Both Bug and Feature

Valentines for Engineers

Love makes us do crazy stuff – which we prefer to document as “a fascinating variety of emergent behaviors”.

Prime Numbers are Special

Valentines for Engineers

This one skates in on the mathematical reference and dual application of the adjective ‘prime’, but prime numbers are more famously useful for obscuring communication than facilitating it. We’re over-thinking this and so may your Valentine.

Achievement Unlocked: Last Minute Valentine’s Card

Valentines for Engineers

Not all engineers are gamers, few gamers are engineers, and this is perfect if your Valentine is both. (Please fight the console wars elsewhere and not on Valentine’s Day.)

The <Love> Tag is Not Supported in HTML 5

Valentines for Engineers

At first, we thought this was a reach… What does this even mean? Needless analysis gradually transformed it into a profound statement on the transformative power of love in human perception, which may or may not have been the creator’s intent.

Say It With Sagan

Valentines for Engineers

Would we let our daughters date Carl Sagan? No. Is he an icon to the subset of humans to which your engineer Valentine belongs? Almost certainly yes.

It is Possible to Be Too Cute

Valentines for Engineers

Credit: KawaiiShirtShop.com

Just look at these adorable little resistors. Just look at them!

Single Life is Deadly

Valentines for Engineers

A favorite example of introductory chemistry professors everywhere, this Valentine contains a cleverly veiled threat:  without you, your Valentine could burst into flame without warning.

But How Would We Order Flowers?

Valentines for Engineers

Ancient wordsmiths would rank their love above food, water, or air. We’ve either come a long way or are a disgrace to their legacy.


One final note: with a few exceptions, these graphics were sourced all over the place, with sometimes contradictory citations. We love jumping down the rabbit hole as much as anyone else, but we can’t chase them all down and make it to the florist on time… If any of these images are yours, or you know the source, please either comment, mail, or tweet attribution information.

We hate withholding credit where it’s due, but we hate sleeping on the couch even more.