Dear Huddie

Dear Huddie: When to Follow Up After an Interview

March 14, 2014

Back for installment twenty-nine of Dear Huddie – its cold from Canada to Georgia, damn Global Warming!

That’s funny from the internet … If one engineer is bad enough, how could two in a relationship possibly work out?

When to Follow Up After An Interview

Dear Huddie – I am a recent grad who is in the interviewing process. When is it a good idea to follow up after an interview?

In the interviewer’s eyes, never! In reality, ALWAYS – you have to somehow show interest without seeming desperate or overbearing. Sounds a lot like dating, doesn’t it?

Oh, wait, this came from an engineer. I’d better explain: A date is when two people decide to go out, maybe to dinner, a movie, or both. If all goes well on a few dates, then said couple may start a relationship!

The best way to determine if you should follow up is at the end of an interview. First and foremost, always end an interview by asking, “what is the next step?” At that point, you will get a breakdown on the next step in the procedure, whether or not they have more people to interview, and maybe even when they plan to make a hire.

Once that part is over, ask if you should reach out to them, or if they’ll let everyone know when a decision has been made. Never, ever leave an interview not knowing the next step in the process, or if it is OK to check in with them. Even more critically: if you indicate you will be checking in, make sure you do – it could be a test!

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