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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Canada (March 2014)

March 24, 2014

In Where the Engineering Jobs Are, we use our internal data to pin down your hottest regions and career options. Today, the spotlight’s on Canada: which disciplines are in demand and where the jobs are.

Where the Engineering Jobs Are Canada

Credit: Alex Indigo

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One advantage of being the world’s largest engineering jobs exchange is being in position to monitor and report on regional employment trends. While StatCan and the BLS are excellent resources for catching macro-level trends, you want to know where your next job is right now… and that’s where we come in.

Where the Engineering Jobs Are In Canada: Top Five Disciplines

While software engineering continues to dominate the rankings, there has been some movement among the other disciplines:

Where the Engineering Jobs Are Canada Top Five Disciplines

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With over ten thousand software engineering jobs in Canada alone –  and more than half of those in Toronto – it will take a major economic disruption for electrical engineering to claim the top spot. For now, job security is most definitely behind a keyboard.

As of March 2014, the top five disciplines in Canada are:

  • Software
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Computer

Project engineering could claim a spot in the top five, next quarter, as it fell only eighteen jobs short of tying with computers for fifth place.

Where the Engineer Jobs Are in Canada: Top Cities by Discipline

Where the Engineering Jobs Are Canada

Credit Cory M. Grenier

As we crunched the numbers by city, Toronto, Burlington, and Whitby consistently arose as the best places to find work; across all engineering jobs in Canada, these three cities account for nearly 76% of available positions.

In fact, for  five of the ten highest-performing engineering disciplines, the top cities are Toronto, Burlington, and Whitby, in that order. If your local job market remains disappointing, relocation seems like an attractive option.

To avoid overloading you with lists, we’ve broken out job totals and listings for the top five disciplines, sorted by city:

Software Engineering

Where the Engineering Jobs Are Canada

Credit: BCCC

Total Jobs: 10,113
Top Three Cities:

Electrical Engineering

Total Jobs: 1,788
Top Three Cities:

Mechanical Engineering

Total Jobs: 1,657
Top Three Cities:

Civil Engineering

Total Jobs: 1,483
Top Three Cities:

Computer Engineering

Total Jobs: 790
Top Three Cities:

To see city-specific listings for the remaining top five disciplines, head over to our Advanced Search Page, where you can search engineering jobs by discipline, location, and keyword string.


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