Where the Engineering Jobs Are

Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Canada (October 2014)

October 6, 2014

In this quarter’s Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Canada, we use our internal engineering job database to show you which disciplines and specialties are in demand — even if you don’t live in Ontario.

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Top 5 Engineering Disciplines in Canada

This quarter, there’s little movement among the top five. Software engineering continues its massive growth trend, adding over 800 engineering jobs since March — more than four times the growth of any other discipline.

Engineering Jobs in Canada Open Listings October 2014 Engineer Jobs

This quarter’s totals, as of October 3rd:

(Churn is constant, as engineers are hired or new jobs created. Click each discipline for real-time totals.)

Canadian civil engineering maintained a completely steady state since our last report. which is to be expected. StatCan’s 2013 numbers showed the nation’s population of civil engineers at full employment; with competition tight, growth is somewhat constrained by high starting salaries and the rate of immigration by foreign engineers.

Where the Engineering Jobs Are In Canada

48.92% of all available Canadian engineering jobs are in Ontario, as of this writing, with positions in the top five disciplines centered in Toronto, Burlington, and Whitby.

Here, we’ve broken down where the Canadian engineering jobs are across all open listings, by province:

Engineering Jobs in Canada by Province October 2014 Engineer Jobs

Ontario’s dominance over the sector is not quite as dramatic as Software among engineering disciplines, but it’s a comfortable lead. Breaking it down by total engineering jobs and percentage of total open job listings further underscores the point.

Province Total %
Ontario 10,995 48.92%
Alberta 3,775 16.80%
British Columbia 3,496 15.56%
Quebec 2,541 11.31%
Saskatchewan 495 2.20%
Manitoba 446 1.98%
Nova Scotia 286 1.27%
Newfoundland and Labrador 218 0.97%
New Brunswick 176 0.78%
Prince Edward Island 46 0.20%

The statistically average Canadian engineer is a software engineering in Ontario. In fact, each of top five disciplines is concentrated not just in Ontario, but in just three cities:  Toronto, Burlington, and Whitby.

Toronto Burlington Whitby Most Jobs in Top 5 Engineering Disciplines October 2014 Engineer Jobs

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Ontario may account for most of the engineering jobs in Canada, but the province doesn’t enjoy a monopoly across all engineering disciplines. Alberta, particularly, has seen astounding economic growth in recent years — last year, literally all the net employment growth in Canada took place there.

Let’s take a closer look at the top four provinces — Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec — and compare them across the top 25 engineering disciplines, by volume of open job listings.

Engineering Jobs Comparison: Ontario, Alberta, BC, and Quebec

Combined, these four provinces account for 92.58% of our open job listings. As you’ll see, Ontario’s employment dominance isn’t the whole story — there are ten cases where an engineering discipline meets or exceeds Ontario’s numbers within the top 25 hottest job categories. Specifically:

Four Province Comparison Engineering Jobs Outside Ontario October 2014

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Civil Engineering 473 433 218 67
Project Engineering 269 283 101 25
Chemical Engineering 118 114 45 19
Environmental Engineering 89 116 39 8
Geotechnical Engineering 34 58 33 4
Aerospace Engineering 39 5 2 47
Petroleum Engineering 4 82 2 2
Materials Engineering 26 42 10 1
Marine Engineering 9 2 36 9
Mining Engineering 22 19 20 3

Don’t neglect these other disciplines as you plan your career — if relocation isn’t an option, long-term, perhaps re-focusing is.