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Where the Engineering Jobs Are (February 2014)

February 3, 2014

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Every so often we report on where engineers can find the most opportunities in their specific disciplines. This gives you an idea where the most demand is for mechanical engineering, for example, as well as what states and cities are hiring the most engineers.

(If you’re interested in more recent data, check out the February 2015 Engineering Jobs Report.)

As in earlier posts in this series, this list excludes software engineers, whose numbers would nearly wipe the board. That report will come out soon, on its own. Canadian engineers, your report will also come out in the near future.

The four questions addressed in this report are:

  • Which city and engineering discipline combinations are currently hiring the most engineers?
  • What city is hiring the most _______ engineers?
  • What 10 states are hiring the most engineers?
  • Which states are hiring the fewest engineers?

What City & Engineering Discipline Combinations are Hiring the Most Engineers?

#1 Electrical Engineers in Fremont, CA

The ongoing production of faster, more secure computers and the plethora of tech startups will likely keep the Silicon Valley shoulders-deep in engineering demand for the foreseeable future. 2,822 openings for electrical engineers are currently available in Fremont, with similar numbers in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View and other surrounding communities.

Electrical engineering jobs in Fremont, CA

#2 Electrical Engineers in Livonia, MI

The push for hydrogen-powered and electric vehicles has brought even more electrical engineering demand to the Detroit area than its traditional automotive operations alone have. This has resulted in around 1,219 job openings for electrical engineers in Livonia, with Southfield, Pontiac and Troy following closely.

Electrical engineering jobs in Livonia, MI

#3 Electrical Engineers in Rockville, MD

If computers and electrical equipment are the bread and butter of Silicon Valley, the nation’s capital is close behind as Washington, DC focuses on increasingly effective ways to apply computing to national security and communications. Residents of the Rockville, MD area will find around 1,149 electrical engineering jobs available, with Bethesda and Gaithersburg close by in demand.

Electrical engineering jobs in Rockville, MD

#4 Network Engineers in Rockville, MD

Just as the Washington, DC area is seeing high demand for electrical engineers to develop hardware, it is bringing in network engineers to connect the dots. Around 1,025 network engineering jobs are currently available in the Rockville area, with Bethesda and College Park showing similar demand.

Network engineering jobs in Rockville, MD

#5 Mechanical Engineers in Livonia, MI

Detroit’s automotive industry is as strong as ever, and represents a deep well of opportunity for skilled mechanical engineers, increasingly with experience in electrical areas such as robotics and controls. Around 1,024 open mechanical engineering jobs are currently available in Livonia. Southfield and Pontiac are close behind.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Livonia, MI

#6 Mechanical Engineers in Houston, TX

Equipment manufacturing and the oil industry are creating demand for mechanical engineers in the Houston area, with around 1,003 mechanical engineering positions open. Pasadena and other surrounding communities show similar demand.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Houston, TX

#7 Electrical Engineers in Cambridge, MA

Electrical engineers with leanings toward medical equipment and intricate machinery will find a promising future in the Boston area, with around 972 electrical engineering positions open in Cambridge, MA. Lowell is close in numbers.

Electrical engineering jobs in Cambridge, MA

#8 Computer Engineers in Fremont, CA

We’re surprised this entry wasn’t higher on the list, as Fremont, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale and the rest of Silicon Valley is generally swarming with tech startup job openings for computer engineers. Around 931 computer engineering jobs are open now in Fremont, with similar demand in the surrounding areas.

Computer engineering jobs in Fremont, CA

#9 Computer Engineers in Rockville, MD

To repeat an earlier entry on this list, if any city is on the coattails of the bay area in terms of demand for computer engineers, it’s Washington, DC, with its communications and military operations. Rockville is currently seeking around 878 computer engineers, with Bethesda and Gaithersburg in a close second and third in the DC area.

Computer engineering jobs in Rockville, MD

#10 Mechanical Engineers in Fremont, CA

The bay area is not only teeming with opportunities in computer hardware and software – companies relying on those systems are also making use of mechanical engineers to help in the development of the devices, instruments and machines of tomorrow. Around 642 mechanical engineering jobs are available in the Fremont area, with Menlo Park, Mountain View and Palo Alto close behind.

Mechanical engineering jobs in Fremont, CA

What Cities are Hiring the Most…

Aerospace Engineers

Whittier, CA (96)
Anaheim, CA (78)
Hartford, CT (71)

Agricultural Engineers

Brooklyn Park, MN (10)
San Luis Obispo, CA (6)
Chicago, IL (5)

Architectural Engineers

Mount Vernon, NY (78)
Hackensack, NJ (73)
Bethesda, MD (64)

Biomedical Engineers

Cambridge, MA (89)
Parsippany, NJ (87)
Menlo Park, CA (66)

Chemical Engineers

Houston, TX (609)
Woodbridge, NJ (214)
Fremont, CA (205)

Civil Engineers

Bethesda, MD (395)
Newark, NJ (366)
Whittier, CA (315)

Computer Engineers

Fremont, CA (931)
Rockville, MD (878)
Cambridge, MA (430)

Construction Engineers

Bethesda, MD (68)
Brooklyn Park, MN (56)
Houston, TX (56)

Electrical Engineers

Fremont, CA (2,822)
Livonia, MI (1,219)
Rockville, MD (1,149)

Electronics Engineers

Fremont, CA (178)
Bowie, MD (113)
Anaheim, CA (97)

Environmental Engineers

Bethesda, MD (113)
Newark, NJ (106)
Houston, TX (87)

Geotechnical Engineers

Newark, NJ (42)
Bay Area, CA (29)
Gaithersburg, MD (24)

Industrial Engineers

Livonia, MI (200)
Decatur, GA (179)
Cicero, IL (164)

Manufacturing Engineers

Southfield, MI (350)
Fremont, CA (254)
Anaheim, CA (246)

Marine Engineers

Houston, TX (48)
Washington, DC (33)
Camden, NJ (11)

Materials Engineers

Livonia, MI (88)
Houston, TX (74)
Cicero, IL (31)

Mechanical Engineers

Livonia, MI (1,024)
Houston, TX (1,003)
Fremont, CA (642)

Metallurgical Engineers

Houston, TX (41)
Livonia, MI (38)
Parma, OH (14)

Mining Engineers

Chandler, AZ (15)
Fremont, CA (12)
Allentown, PA (5)

Network Engineers

Rockville, MD (1,025)
Elizabeth, NJ (455)
Baltimore, MD (383)

Nuclear Engineers

Kennewick, WA (24)
Annandale, VA (18)
West Palm Beach, FL (14)

Packaging Engineers

Livonia, MI (39)
Parsippany, NJ (35)
Fremont, CA (32)

Petroleum Engineers

Houston, TX (222)
Oklahoma City, OK (40)
Arvada, CO (36)

Process Engineers

Houston, TX (356)
Fremont, CA (216)
Livonia, MI (179)

Project Engineers

Houston, TX (483)
Anaheim, CA (253)
Whittier, CA (252)

Quality Engineers

Fremont, CA (456)
Framingham, MA (306)
Livonia, MI (296)

Safety Engineers

Long Beach, CA (26)
Anaheim, CA (25)
Fremont, CA (23)

Sales Engineers

Woodbridge, NJ (414)
Fremont, CA (380)
Rockville, MD (274)

Top 10 States Hiring the Most Engineers (All Disciplines)

California (43,255)
Texas (20,571)
New York (17,365)
District of Columbia (15,185)
Illinois (11,371)
Virginia (10,846)
Massachusetts (10,831)
Pennsylvania (8,496)
Michigan (8,305)
Florida (7,980)

5 States with the Fewest Engineering Jobs (All Disciplines)

Wyoming (147)
Montana (215)
South Dakota (251)
Vermont (283)
Hawaii (386)

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