The 2014 Guide to Getting an Engineering Job

January 13, 2014

Over 1.5 million engineers in a wide variety of fields are currently employed in the US, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Engineers have also repeatedly filled up lists of the highest-paid majors, as reported by NPR. This works out to a promising future for engineers and engineering students.

At, our mission has been to gather this wealth of career opportunity and make it seamlessly available to engineers and engineering students throughout North America. On our recently updated homepage you are never more than one click from a great opportunity in one of several high-demand fields of engineering. You’re also always within one click of a rich catalog of expert advice from engineering recruiters and executives, veteran engineers and HR authors at our Magazine, also recently given a new face. There you’ll find regular features like our advice column Dear Huddie, our pensive Future Please column, and our periodic job survey Where the Engineering Jobs Are.

And to kick off the new year, as well as your current job hunt, we’ve just added another great resource: the 2014 Guide to Getting an Engineering Job. It’s a step-by-step roadmap of hand-selected advice geared specifically for each stage of your job search. Keep an eye out for new content released from it over the next couple of weeks.

We’d like to wish you a productive 2014, and the best of luck on your job hunt and future career.

The EJ Team