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Where the Engineering Jobs Are: Software Engineers (February 2014)

February 5, 2014

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Welcome to part two of Where the Engineering Jobs Are, where we crunch the numbers to see in which cities and states engineers can find the most demand. In this installment we’ll take a look at jobs for software engineers. (For every other engineering discipline in the US, see part 1.)

Canada, your report on other engineering disciplines is still to come.

The questions we’ll answer in this installment are:

  • What US cities are hiring the most software engineers?
  • What Canadian cities are hiring the most software engineers?
  • Which states and provinces are hiring the fewest software engineers?
  • What is the demand for each programming language?

What US Cities are Hiring the Most Software Engineers?

#1 Newark, NJ

Newark, Elizabeth and the entire Newark, NJ metro area is virtually swarming with open desks for software engineers. Every industry from publishing to advertising, business analysis and technology has their nets cast, and with around 11,121 open software engineering jobs in Newark, it shouldn’t take long to find your spot. Woodbridge and Jersey City are close behind.

Software Engineering Jobs in Newark

#2 Westchester, NY

If New Jersey provides opportunity, so does New York. NYC being a hive of business, finance, media and every other conceivable occupation, software engineers will have their pick of around 10,848 open software engineering positions including firms like MANDIANT and TripAdvisor. Manhattan, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon are also up there.

Software Engineering Jobs in Westchester

#3 Rockville, MD

Washington, DC is starting to supplant even Silicon Valley in terms of draw for software engineers, as the capital ramps up the digital aspects of its communications and military activities. Rockville residents will find around 8,836 open jobs for software engineers, with Bethesda and College Park trailing closely.

Software Engineering Jobs in Rockville

#4 Menlo Park, CA

The only surprising thing about seeing Silicon Valley on this list is how many entries are now above it – this only seems to demonstrate the spread of the technology startup, rather than any kind of decline in this incubator of Stanford-educated programmers. Menlo Park residents will find around 8,688 open software engineering jobs at firms like Amazon and Symantec, with Fremont, Palo Alto and Mountain View close in numbers.

Software Engineering Jobs in Menlo Park

#5 Oakland, CA

Where Silicon Valley leads, the Bay Area follows. Oakland and San Francisco benefit from their proximity to the technology hotbed, and offer their own array of startups, tech firms and Web companies, including Zillow and Marketo. Oakland currently offers around 7,896 software engineering jobs, just above San Francisco in numbers.

Software Engineering Jobs in Oakland

#6 Cambridge, MA

The Boston area is known for its opportunities in healthcare technology, but it is also strong in the technical side of industries such as manufacturing and business solutions. Around 5,619 software positions are available in Cambridge. Framingham and Lowell offer similar openings.

Software Engineering Jobs in Cambridge

#7 Cicero, IL

Chicago offers an interesting mix of media, business logistics, Web applications and other areas in need of software engineers, with companies such as Datamark and GTI. Around 4,741 openings are available in Cicero, with other areas of Chicago showing similar demand.

Software Engineering Jobs in Cicero

#8 Whittier, CA

Whittier, Glendale, West Hollywood, Burbank and other parts of Los Angeles employ software engineers in many industries, notably entertainment and media. Rockstar Games, Garmin and Yoh demonstrate the spread here. Around 4,343 software engineering jobs are available in Whittier, with surrounding areas providing similar opportunities.

Software Engineering Jobs in Whittier

#9 Seattle, WA

Seattle is somewhat of an unspoken tech firm giant, with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft drawing software engineers to the area. Seattle residents have access to around 4,282 software engineering jobs.

Software Engineering Jobs in Seattle

#10 Roswell, GA

Roswell and the Atlanta area fly relatively low under the radar in terms of software engineering, but residents have access to ample demand. Organizations like Georgia Tech Research Institute and Sage recruit there, resulting in 3,749 open software engineering jobs in the Roswell area. Decatur and Marietta show similar numbers.

Software Engineering Jobs in Roswell

What Canadian Cities are Hiring the Most Software Engineers?

#1 Toronto, ON (3,638)

#2 Burnaby, BC (1,321)

#3 Montreal, QC (1,230)

#4 Ottawa, ON (717)

#5 Calgary, AB (596)

#6 Kitchener, ON (276)

#7 Edmonton, AB (273)

#8 Guelph, ON (272)

#9 Burlington, ON (169)

#10 Victoria, BC (93)

Which US States are Hiring the Fewest Software Engineers?

Wyoming (27)
South Dakota (72)
Alaska (74)
Montana (86)
North Dakota (87)

Which Canadian Provinces are Hiring the Fewest Software Engineers?

Prince Edward Island (20)
Newfoundland and Labrador (21)
New Brunswick (74)
Manitoba (84)
Saskatchewan (129)

What is the Demand for Each Programming Language?

Java (36,958)
JavaScript (31,429)
.NET (27,550)
C# (22,386)
C (16,474)
C++ (16,060)
Python (10,792)
PHP (10,588)
Ruby (7,589)
Perl (6,975)
Objective-C (3,095)
Visual Basic (2,237)
Assembly (1,488)
COBOL (1,231)
Scala (1,112)
Ada (962)
ActionScript (872)
ColdFusion (791)
TCL (391)
Delphi (351)
Fortran (314)
Erlang (303)
Lisp (187)
Smalltalk (153)

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