9 Questions to Ask on an Interview

Whether you’ve been to one or a dozen job interviews over the course of your engineering career, you’re probably used to a certain natural order in format and execution.  Your interviewer will review your resume,...

Engineering the Perfect Cover Letter

As an engineer, you spend most of your day constructing, problem-solving and building.  Whether it’s residential homes or complex circuit boards, engineers tend to have a heightened appreciation for scenarios when form meets function.  ...

endless cycle of job applications

Why you Should Stop Submitting Your Resume and Cover Letter via PDF

Tired of applying (and reapplying) to jobs and never hearing back? Does it feel like you’re on an endless circle of resume and cover letter writing and filing hours-long applications online? There’s a chance it actually might not be...

6 rules for effective resumes a dozen resumes engineer jobs Neil

6 Simple Rules for an Effective Resume

Your resume could end up on a fast track into the trashcan if you don’t follow six simple rules for effective resumes.

Work Luck and Handshakes Robot Hand Engineer Jobs Greenhill and Elias

Work, Privilege, and Handshakes

Whoever you are, your engineering career is based on hard work, social privilege, and networking. Everything else is tactical.

Engineering Jobs at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

For 70 years. Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has stood as a testament to some of the finest aerospace engineering in the world.

Master of Technology Management

In a World of Talented Engineers, Where Are All the Leaders?

For most technology companies, finding talented engineers isn’t a problem. The challenge is finding engineers with the business acumen and management ability to lead teams of engineers and scientists in tech ventures.

Working as a Consulting Engineer funny businessman Vitaly Garlev

Working as a Consulting Engineer

If you don’t want to run an engineering firm, or retire working for one, consider working as a consulting engineer.

Starting Your Own Engineering Company US Navy

Starting Your Own Engineering Company

Some engineers chafe at working for others and need to be their own boss. Here’s what you need to know before striking out on your own.

Retro Engineers 2 Engineer Jobs Seattle Municipal Archives

Stuck In A Rut? Here’s How To Move Up

You know you’re better than this. You know you have potential. What do you need to do to get noticed and get your career moving?

Your First Week as an Engineer kids in hard hats USACE

Your First Week as an Engineer

How do you make the transition from student to professional engineer? What can you expect?

When and How to Quit Your Job lone businessman Marc Bruneke

When and How to Quit Your Job

Few engineers stay with the same company throughout their working lives, anymore. It’s perfectly normal to change jobs every few years. Is it time for you to quit your job?

How to Negotiate Salary in Your First Job EngineerJobs-Susanne-13

How to Negotiate Salary in Your First Job

You’ve aced the interview, and they want you! Now it’s time to hammer out the details. Engineers and managers weigh in on when and how to negotiate salary.

Why You Should Care About Networking Paul Friel

Why You Should Care About Networking

You’ve heard it hundreds of time: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Is it just an old saying, or the most important advice you ever received?

Is a Mechanical Engineering Master’s Worth It turbine US Navy

Is a Mechanical Engineering Master’s Worth It?

As you near the end of your mechanical engineering Bachelor’s, you’ll inevitably be faced with the decision to pursue a postgraduate degree or move into the workforce. Is a mechanical engineering Masters worth it?

wrong job

Oh No! I’m In The Wrong Job!

As demonstrated by the sheer variety of engineering disciplines and sub-disciplines, the world of an engineer is about as varied as it’s possible to get. But what do you do if your dream job turns out...

management vs engineering

Engineering Endgames: Subject Matter Expertise vs. Management Track

At some point in your career, you will be faced with a decision: should you stay as an engineer and become an expert in your field, or should you make the transition to a management role?

Want to be a Drone Pilot

Want to be a Drone Pilot?

Last December, Amazon announced Prime Air, a drone-based delivery service. Initially, most of the tech world reacted with disbelief. Surely this was just a PR stunt? Drone delivery just wasn’t technically possible, let alone legal...

Just Got Fired Heres What You Do Engineer Jobs Job Search Kate-Hiscock

Just Got Fired? Here’s What You Do

Getting laid off or fired is, unquestionably, one of the most upsetting things that can happen. Here’s what you should do about it. Got Fired? Don’t Panic. In the immediate aftermath, the most important thing is...

9 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Engineer Jobs Alan Cleaver

9 Reasons to Turn Down a Job

Our mission is to help you find and land engineering jobs – but there really are times when you should just say no. 

Relocating Overseas Engineer Jobs

Relocating Overseas? 6 Things Engineers Forget

Living and working in a foreign country is a great adventure.  Once you’ve landed an overseas engineering job, however, it’s not as simple as just packing up and shipping out.

Promotion Flextime

Looking for a promotion? Get to work earlier.

“Don’t worry, we’re flexible here. Just as long as you get everything done and you’re here for core hours, you can work when it suits you.” Sound familiar? Sound tempting? But taking advantage of flextime...

embedded systems engineers

Career Profile: Embedded Systems Engineers

Embedded systems are becoming an increasingly important part of engineering design – relevant to almost any product that has a software component, from manufacturing to smartphones. It’s a complex role involving research, design, and manufacturing. Experienced embedded systems...

how to land an engineering job overseas

How to Land an Engineering Job Overseas

Hopefully, our last piece (6 Reasons to Consider Overseas Engineering Jobs) has inspired you to think about taking a job overseas. Whether you’re doing it for the professional advantages or the adventure, it can be...

6 Reasons to Consider Overseas Engineering Jobs

6 Reasons to Consider Overseas Engineering Jobs

How far would you travel for your dream job? To another city? Another state? Why limit yourself, when your skills are in demand, worldwide?