Improve Your Job Search By Thinking Like A Recruiter Engineer Jobs

Improve Your Job Search By Thinking Like A Recruiter

The job search can be distilled to a single task – persuading one person to say yes. Thinking like a recruiter helps you stand out by throwing the right signals.

Control Systems Engineering

Career Profile: Control Systems Engineering

Control systems engineering is the multidisciplinary application of control theory to real-world problems.

Engineering the Perfect Cover Letter

Engineering the Perfect Cover Letter: Video

Writing cover letters can be seriously intimidating, so we outlined the perfect cover letter for you.

Mechatronics Engineering Career Profile Engineer Jobs

Career Profile: Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering is an interdisciplinary field combining aspects of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering. This is then applied to robotics, control systems, automation, and process design in a promisingly wide and diverse range of...

Career Positioning for Engineers

Career Positioning for Engineers

When you decided to become an engineer, you probably had some ideas about what you wanted to do. But are you thinking about your career, or are you only concerned with your next job? Career...

Money Can't Buy Happy Engineers

Money Can’t Buy Happy Engineers

When looking for your next job, there are many more things to consider than the size of your pay check. Money’s important, but salary alone doesn’t make for happy engineers. Happy Engineers are Healthier It’s...

Proving You Deserve a Promotion EngineerJobs

Proving You Deserve a Promotion

When advancement is a real option, you need to demonstrate that you deserve a promotion. This starts on Day One.

Seven Ways Engineers Avoid Burnout

Seven Ways Engineers Avoid Burnout

Stress is a natural part of most jobs and many high-achieving engineers thrive on it. Extreme or prolonged stress, though, can lead to debilitating burnout, making it impossible to work effectively.

Earned a Promotion Now What

Earned a Promotion? Now What?

You’ve moved up in the world! Here’s what to do after a promotion to ensure a smooth transition into your new role?

Common Tax Deductions for Engineers

Common Tax Deductions for Engineers

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, here are a few tax deductions almost all engineers can claim. (If you’ve been efficient, then remember these for next year!)

Senior Engineers Start Over

When Senior Engineers Start Over

How do you start over as the new hire when you’re the most senior engineer on the team?

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Becoming the Indispensable Engineer

Being the heart of your team – the truly indispensable engineer – is a less of a stable state than an ongoing commitment to professional development, integrity, and excellence.

when to give up

When to Give Up (and What to Do Next)

If your follow-up messages are ignored, your references are never contacted, and there’s no way to move forward with a position, it’s time to give up. For any number of reasons, that job simply wasn’t...

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Old Dogs, More Tricks: Transitioning to a New Career

When you transition to a new career, there’s a lot to learn – and just as much to unlearn. Thriving in your new environment means adapting to new values, tools, and practices.

communication skills

How Engineers Can Have Captivating Communication Skills

Engineers are highly intelligent people, and they often come with highly technical backgrounds. Engineering recruiters, though they may also be highly intelligent, often come with an HR background. And therein lies one of the biggest...

Here’s How to Make It as a New Hire

Making your way as a new hire isn’t always easy. Taking charge of your own onboarding, professional networks, and career development will help smooth the transition.

engineering job guide

The 2014 Guide to Getting an Engineering Job

Over 1.5 million engineers in a wide variety of fields are currently employed in the US, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Engineers have also repeatedly filled up lists of the highest-paid majors, as...

Perfect Engineering Cover Letter

4 Perfectly Engineered Follow-Up Letters

Working on your follow-up game? These four schematics take the stress out of follow-up letters.

following up after resume

Good Resume, but No Job. Are You Following Up Correctly?

Most engineers recognize that crafting a strong resume, creating the perfect cover letter, and preparing for the interview are crucial, well-practiced elements of a successful job search. But following up on these communications may not...

new engineering job

Here’s What Makes Engineers Look for a New Job

Engineering is among the most stable, highest-paid fields out there. Eager employers often snap up graduates right out of college, and seven of the top 10 fortune-500 CEOs are engineers. All of this points like...

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You Need to Give a Presentation and You’re Terrified. That’s Normal.

Anxiety is entirely normal when it’s your turn to give a presentation. If you accept that, and plan around it by structuring your talk in outline and as a coherent story, you’ll do just fine.

appearance matters

Yes, We Really Are That Shallow: Appearance Matters

In a perfect world, candidates would be judged purely on talent, ability, and background. This is not that world. Appearance matters quite a bit in job interviews, criminal sentencing, and overall assessment of character.

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Building Rapport Through Mimicry

Mimicry is creepy. It’s eerily effective, however, as we’re hard-wired to like people who are like us. Mirroring your interviewer’s verbal and nonverbal communication is a shortcut to building rapport – and nailing the interview.

engineering resume

Resume Advice from Engineering Employers

Earlier this year we asked engineering employers what they looked for in engineers’ resumes, and we found a wealth of specifics that any engineer can leverage. But the job market evolves constantly, and so do...

Engineering Recruiter

3 Lies Engineering Recruiters Tell

Tight resources can incentivize bad behavior. As markets thaw, some recruiters stretch the truth in order to land lucrative hires – such as yourself. Be prepared, engineers: here are three common lies recruiters tell.