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12 of the Highest Paid Engineers on the Planet Satya Nadella Engineer Jobs

12 of the Highest Paid Engineers on the Planet

The surest path to wealth and fortune may be an electrical engineering degree.

McElhanney Engineering British Columbia

Consulting Engineering in Canada – Working with McElhanney

McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd, the oldest combined civil engineering, surveying and mapping company in Western Canada, is looking for well-rounded engineering talent. Colin Adam, P.Eng., Vice President, Northern & Interior BC at McElhanney explains, “We’re not...

Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

Engineering in New Zealand with Opus International Consultants

New Zealand is arguably the most beautiful land in the world – and absolutely the most challenging canvas for a talented engineer. With volcanoes, earthquakes, and punishing terrain, every project needs everything you’ve got. Opus...

Ford Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs at Ford Motor Company: What They’re Looking For and How to Stand Out

Ford Motor Company is not only one of the most recognized brands in the world, they also have a long, rich history of innovation – beginning with founder Henry Ford’s 161 patents to the 20%...

Engineers without Borders

Engineering a Better World: Engineers Without Borders USA

Engineers Without Borders USA alleviates poverty and fosters community development through engineering solutions. While the majority of international aid organizations focus their efforts in large population centers as a function of scale and efficiency, Engineers...