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7 More Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Engineers

Two years ago we wrote what became our most-popular article to date: 9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Engineers. The article received thousands upon thousands of shares, hundreds of comments, and a few solid leads on celebrities-who-are-engineers we missed the first...

Engineering Urban Myths Figure Nic McPhee

3 Engineering Urban Myths

The Internet gives us the ability to drill down to the truth in seconds, but we use it to spread urban myths faster than engineers can debunk them. I’ll take these three.

Philae touchdown

The 20 Greatest Engineering Feats of 2014

As we’ve done in 2012 and 2013 we’re bringing you what we think were this year’s biggest engineering feats. But, as our writer Kal astutely pointed out, “2014 is, like, a whole year. A lot of stuff...

3 Automotive Technologies Ahead of Their Time Engineer Jobs

3 Automotive Techs Way Ahead of Their Time

Dream big, but maybe not that big.

Engineering the Perfect Crash Test Dummy Engineer Jobs

Engineering the Perfect Crash Test Dummy

If you’ve ever been in a serious auto accident, chances are you owe your life to Sierra Sam and his descendants.

Engineering Career Advice from Robert Heinlein

If you own your own spacesuit and are willing to relocate, EJ has fabulous engineering career opportunities at Golden Rule Habitat, L4 and L5, and beyond. Familiarity with time travel a plus. Serious applicants only. 

Alternating Current Kills Elephants

Alternating Current Kills Elephants

Here at EngineerJobs, we’re pro-elephant. Who can resist their tusk-y faces, steadfast wills, and propensity to chew the bark off of trees? How very like us they are! But what do elephants have to do...

EJ's VAX Production Server, Doubles as Warming Plate

Behind the Scenes: Touring EngineerJobs’ Backend

As an EJ writer and technology enthusiast, I am often asked about our web backend. Readers want to know who hosts us, what server hardware we use, and whether they can unplug that long, orange...

5 Engineers with Fatally Terrible Inventions

5 Engineers with Fatally Terrible Inventions

If I stopped to count how many engineers have positively affected my life, I would have no time for anything else. Instead, let’s look at those other engineers – the ones with fatally terrible inventions.

Android Apps for Engineers

10 Best Android Productivity Apps for Engineers

Earlier this month, we listed our pick of iOS apps for engineers. We didn’t forget about you Android users though – several of us have gone down the Google route instead of Apple. So here’s...

Dumbest Hackers in Hollywood

5 Dumbest Hackers in Hollywood

Computers are magic and hackers are wizards. We get it. We’ve seethed and snorted our way through outlandish depictions of the stereotypical hacker genius archetype… But these five are the dumbest hackers in Hollywood.

10 iOS Productivity Apps for Engineers

10 iOS Productivity Apps for Engineers

There are literally thousands of specialized apps for engineers available for iPhone and iPad. Here are the ten most useful iOS apps for engineers.

10 Geektastic Valentines for Engineers

The heart is a pump – and engineers know just how to prime it. Say “I love you” with smarts and style through these clever Valentines for engineers.

green energy

5 Organizations Setting the Bar for Clean Energy

Clean energy is one of the newer focuses of engineering, but is increasingly important to corporations, cities, and other organizations seeking to reduce their carbon footprints and their dependence on fossil fuels. Employment growth in...

engineers week

Engineers Week 2014: Where Will You Be?

Over 50 events fill the Engineers Week calendar on the website of DiscoverE, the official ambassador of Engineers Week. The 63-year-old national celebration of engineering accomplishments and education runs from February 16 to 22 this...

engineering feats

The 10 Greatest Engineering Feats of 2013

2013 brought many exciting, promising advancements in many areas of engineering. Here are the moments, concepts, and products that caught our eye this year.

6 Brilliant Engineering Toys for Kids

Kids develop better through exploration than flash cards or instruction… so how can we set the stage? Putting the right engineering toys in their path and stepping back can be the best way to go.

Credit Steve Jurveston

For Kids’ Education, Playing “Engineer” Beats Being Taught “Engineer”

Play, not pedagogy, starts young children on the road to engineering.

Fun with Concrete Admixtures

At its core, concrete hasn’t changed very much since its discovery – cement, water, aggregate. What has changed, remarkably, is our understanding and use of the admixtures that help concrete retain its strength.

engineer gifts

13 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Engineers

One of the best things about being an engineer during the holidays is the yearly supply of sweet new swag emerging technology unveils. New inventions hit the shelves making big, exciting waves; other things become...

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Road Trip Trivia II: Interstate Trivia

Last week, we offered odd highlights of automotive history to help you through the Thanksgiving traffic jams. With the holiday season in full swing, we figured you may need more to last you through the...

Credit: Mandolin

Engineers: Please Take a Vacation

It’s hard to step away from workday stress, turn off your phone, and enjoy a proper vacation. We love our work, too – but did you know that not taking vacations can kill you?

Credit: Franz Haag

Awesome Car Trivia for Your Road Trip

While you’re stuck in traffic this Thanksgiving travel season, why not regale your captive audience with some world class car trivia?

Credit: OceanGate

4 Maritime Technologies Changing the Industry

77% of global trade is between countries with no common border – and the most economical way to move physical goods is over the oceans. Innovative maritime technologies impact the global economy in incredible ways,...

Credit: Cpl Kowshon Ye

All Engineering Was Military Engineering

For thousands of years, all engineering was military engineering. Technological advances led to a split between military and civil specialties, while modern battlefields present ever more sophisticated engineering challenges.