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Engineering the Perfect Cup of Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee is all in the beans… how you roast, grind, and brew them. Brewing a decent cup is simple enough, but perfection demands chemical process engineering.

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The Engineering of Voting & Voting Machines, 1629 to Today

Over the centuries, engineers have fielded a number of innovative voting machines to protect the integrity and anonymity of our electoral systems. From voice votes to brass balls and electrons, we’ve come a long way.

Infrasound Haunted House

Haunt Your House with Infrasound

Want to push your haunted house to the next level? A portable infrasound generator can cause terror, paranoia, and ghostly hallucinations.

Terrifying Tools Engineers Use

13 Terrifying Tools Engineers Use Every Day

Engineers aim to be badasses. And with the variety of dangerous, deadly and unpredictable devices available for them to use, there are plenty of opportunities to horrify onlookers during a typical day’s work. Here are...

Amazon Strategy

What Amazon Can Teach Us About Strategy

Jeff Bezos’s annual shareholder letters for the period between 1997 and 2012 are an invaluable educational resource for entrepreneurs and business owners. During those fifteen years, Amazon grew from a promising face in the crowd...

RT-FLEX96C: The World’s Largest and Smartest Diesel

The Wärtsilä RT-FLEX96C – the 14-cylinder, common rail version of the RTA96C – is an absolute beast; weighing in at 2,300 tons, it’s the largest and most powerful reciprocating engine in the world. What’s rarely...

How Engineers Dispose of Chemical Weapons

How Do Engineers Dispose of Chemical Weapons?

Within the last few decades, with commendable success, engineers have eliminated 88.5% of the chemical weapons produced and stockpiled by the United States. With mounting concerns over the feasibility of destroying Syria’s banned weapons, a...

Youd Kill Yourself with a Lightsaber

3 Reasons You’d Kill Yourself with a Lightsaber

When I was eight years old, there was only one thing I wanted more than for someone to invent the lightsaber. I wanted one to fall off the back of a truck and land in...

Rediscovering Concrete Civil Engineering

Rediscovering Concrete

After a gap in engineering research and development during the Dark Ages, the West moved slowly towards an investigation of concrete’s potential.

History of Concrete Civil Engineering

A Brief History of Concrete

Where did engineers first develop the precursors of modern concrete and what’s that have to do with plate tectonics?

End of the World

3 Ways Space Could Kill Us Today

This universe, or the next, could kill us at any moment. While popular fiction is glutted with robot uprisings, zombie plagues, and apocalyptic warfare, none of our fictive inventions match fundamental physics for terrifying beauty...

7 Hilariously Ingenious Engineering Pranks

When it comes to eye-opening pranks, hacks, and stunts, no one can equal a team of determined engineering students. If you’re looking for inspiration – speaking strictly hypothetically, of course – or want to sit...

Robot Operating System

Robot Operating System (ROS)

Thin, robust, and language-neutral, Robot Operating System provides a standardized core of OS functions and an extensive library of over 2,000 packages, enabling researchers and engineers to focus on invention instead of re-invention.

Ways Graphene Changes Everything

4 Ways Graphene Changes Everything

Graphene reveals new, revolutionary properties on a monthly basis. Over the last decade, this wonder material went from a curious carbon allotrope to the single-most-expensive material in the world. As production costs for exfoliated graphene...

Treating Burns

Burns: What to Expect When You’re on Fire

As an engineer, you may work in the most interesting and dangerous situations in the modern world. Fires, explosions, and high-voltage electricity are tools of the trade. Implementing and refining safety procedures reduced workplace fatalities...

Celebrities You Didnt Know Were Engineers

9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Engineers

These are familiar faces. You recognize them. You know their names. Or their works. But… did you know these 9 celebrities were also engineers? Bill Nye, The Science Guy The “Science” in Bill Nye’s background is actually mechanical...

Engineering Twitter Streams You Should Follow

24 Engineering Twitter Streams You Should Follow

One of the most interesting places to get real-time commentary and news about anything is on Twitter. Engineering is no exception. But are you following the right streams? Your Twitter experience is a reflection of who you...

The Best Engineering Movies on Netflix

Best Engineering Movies on Netflix

So you didn’t plan to be spending the weekend inside. Or maybe you did, but post-Holiday television is even more terrible than you had initially anticipated. No worries! Netflix to the rescue! For cabin-feverish engineers...

Thought-controlled bionic leg

The 8 Most Astounding Engineering Feats of 2012

What do algae, a 1-legged software engineer, and Felix Baumgartner have in common? That’s not the setup for (probably awful) joke. They are just some of the jaw-dropping engineering feats we witnessed in 2012.