Max Fagin of Mars at observatory engineer jobs credit Max Fagin

Max Fagin of Mars: Taking Aim at the Red Planet

There is a non-zero chance Max Fagin will be one of the first human beings on Mars. We spoke about Made in Space, SpaceX, Mars One, and why engineering needs more generalists.

Natalie Panek Women in STEM

Building Space Robots & A Future for Women in STEM

  Natalie Panek is a Missions Systems Engineer and advocate for the advancement of women in STEM fields. She holds degrees in aerospace and mechanical engineering and develops foundational technologies for space development and exploration.

Leadership in Engineering Nadine Aubry

Leadership in Engineering: Dr. Nadine Aubry

Like engineering itself, leadership is much less a function of innate qualities than of the development and application of specialized skills. In the second of our series on leadership best practices, we move from the...

Leadership in Engineering Rich Savoie

Leadership in Engineering: Richard Savoie

Moving from the trenches to the corner office requires the development of leadership and management skills. These “soft skills” can be intimidating for the more technical-minded among us. On the surface, there’s little consensus as...

mechanical engineer in biomedical device industry

Question: What are the Biggest Civil Engineering Companies in Canada?

Elias, one of our followers on twitter, asked the following question: (Thank you for the question, Elias!) The Biggest Civil Engineering Companies in Canada What are the biggest civil engineering companies in Canada (specifically, Ontario)?...