Young Engineers

Engineers Guide to Internships

An Engineer’s Guide to Internships

College may give you the basic concepts and analytical tools, but engineering requires specialized skills and knowledge you can only learn from experience. Students can best prepare for their careers by serving as interns within...

get engineering job with low gpa

How to: Get an Engineering Job with a Low GPA

Interview season is well underway for soon-to-be-graduating engineers and students looking to land a fruitful engineering internship.  It follows that this is the time of year many look at their transcript, get a little panicky, and begin doubting...

is software engineering pe exam worth it

Software Engineering PE Exam: A must for Software Engineers?

In a few short weeks the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) will administer the first PE exam for Software Engineering. Unlike other engineering disciplines, software engineering has long been a mixed...

online resources for engineers

21 Free Online Resources that can Make You a Smarter Engineer

Here’s a list of 21 free online resources that can make you a smarter engineer – whether you graduated years ago and just need to come up to speed on things you’ve forgotten – or...

Get an MBA Engineer

Getting an MBA as an Engineer: Worth It?

Ask ten people “is an MBA worth it?” and you are likely to get ten different opinions.